Kim Klacik began with a fearless campaign that not only gained national attention but changed the way the voters in District 7 of Maryland see their vote. While the outcome was not as desired the final numbers were the best ever for a republican candidate in her congressional district. 

       We took a different approach that showed the true reality of what was going on in Maryland's District 7, it opened the door to a conversation of turning things around and returning in the right direction and it ultimately gave birth to the idea we present today, Red Renaissance.


       It is past time for this important movement which will educate young conservative leaders in metropolitan areas and help implement conservative solutions to the problems we face. It is time for the Democrat Machine’s power to be challenged across our nation’s cities and states, and even at the national level. 

       Solid moral culture is the fight of our lifetime.  With the lack of parenting at home the culture is raising children and determining values, the culture is not on our side. We are fighting for the issues that we see changing every day from Freedom of Speech, Economic Empowerment & Funding Our Police. These are just a few of the topics we are advocating for.


       The institutions in Hollywood and the music industry align have aligned themselves with the democratic party to coordinate their megaphone to drown out our message. 

       With a little support these topics will stand out and the American people will be cultivated and developed to change from Blue to Purple and Purple to Red. How will we do this? Integrity, innovation, community, and hard work drive everything we do! Red Renaissance and Kim Klacik are looking for those willing to walk through the fire in order to preserve and promote the conservative values that will save our country. Will you walk through that fire with us?