Supporting the Next Generation of

Conservative leaders.

Old politics is dying, and we’re the new generation. Our nation requires fearless, principled leaders who care more about the survival of this country than their so-called political careers. We will work tirelessly toward creating a stronger conservative movement, and we will always stand up for freedom and justice for all Americans.

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See who we are supporting and why. These candidates we have personally met with and been able to discuss their views and outlooks on our topics. And we are proud to say we will be standing in their corner this election.

“The Red Renaissance PAC was founded by Kim Klacik. She is a former GOP nominee for Maryland's 7th District and an advocate for school choice, economic empowerment in the inner city and she supports the constitution.”

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Issues We  Advocate For...

- Freedom of Speech

- Revitalization of Urban Areas

- Economic Empowerment

- Family Planning

- Funding Our Police

- Women & Minority Leadership


Kim Klacik began with a fearless campaign that not only gained national attention, but changed the way the voters in District 7 in Maryland see their vote. While the outcome was not as desired, the final numbers were the best ever for a Republican candidate in her congressional district.